5 Beginner Tips for Novice Poker Players

Always remember that every professional poker player started as a rookie at some point in their online live casino . There is no way you can become a prodigy on your first game at poker. Poker is a game of chances after all, and you can make more mistakes than you can imagine. Especially when you play at live tournaments, being a novice makes you a target of other players who will try their best to take your money. However, being a rookie at poker is not a bad thing. You will also find players who appreciate new players and encourage them to learn more. All you need to do being a rookie is to be as professional as you can while playing the games. The sooner to develop your discipline, the better. Here are some beginner tips for novice poker players.

Remember your turn

Do not get distracted from the game and focus on your turn. Your pre-flop and post-flop actions need to be in sync with the game. Acting out of your turn can make you look like a fool. Try always to follow the action of the game and only act when it is your chance.

Do not take the chips away from the table

Removing chips from your stack is not a real problem as it makes no sense to do so. Some players separate their chips into different parts after winning a big pot to prevent losing it. Doing so is against the rule of the game. If you are not confident in playing at the game with a huge stack of chips, you can leave the table politely and join a lower stake table again instead of playing at the same table.

Avoid string betting

String betting is the action when you only make half of the bet you want to and then add some more chips in fear of betting less in a good chance. Take your time to think about your bet and count the chips accordingly. Keep the betting chips in your hand area until you are ready to make a bet. Then, put forward all the chips at once and make sure that it is your final decision.


Do not flash your cards

The beginners should not only hide their cards during the round but also after it. If you show your cards after the round, it can give a lot of information about your nature and strategy while playing with a certain type of hand. Even if you have a friend sitting next to you, never show your cards to anyone. It can ruin the game for you if there is a pro sitting with you.

Avoid asking help from others

While it may feel cute to ask for help and look like a beginner, a professional poker player will not entertain this activity. Take your time to understand the game on your own. Never seek advice when you are in a game. You can create a trap for your own if your opponent has even the slightest intention of making money while all you expect is some good advice.

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